Create Business Habits That Foster Success

Do you create business habits that serve you and lead you down the path of success? If so, fantastic! If not, then why not? Read on for a few tips to get you going to create business habits that actually get results.

Create Business Habits


So there’s a quote by Aristotle that says, We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. Let that swirl around for a second. Everyone is always searching for that newest thing outside of themselves to launch them into greatness. It is however, as Aristotle said, our habits, that determine our success. Create business habits that do this, and you’re in the drivers seat. Develop bad habits, or no habits at all, and that’s a sure fire recipe to business disaster.

So how do you create business habits that progress this success idea? I’d suggest that you take it simply one step at a time. When charting out your habit strategy, add one component at a time, and only add another once you are ready to step it up a notch without negatively affecting your initial actions. For example, let’s take personal development for starters. If we truly want to create business habits that will last, then personal development is most likely the first rung on your success ladder. So every single day, schedule out a time that come hell or high water you’re going to be able to do your personal development task. This could range from reciting a positive quote or affirmation, to reading an entire chapter in the book you’re currently learning from. The key, obviously is to make sure that it’s something that you will do daily, and to be consistent.

Create Business Habits That Lead You To Success

The next piece to create business habits that drive you into the success zone is to figure out what John Maxwell calls his rule of 5. The rule of five states that you determine the five most important activities that you must do daily in order to have success. These could be refined as you progress and grow, however these tasks must be completed every day no matter what. So if you’re a network marketer, one of your 5 tasks could be to prospect at least two new people every day, or to follow up with leads, or to create a new piece of content. You get the gist I’m sure. Start with one thing and add on when comfortable. Consistency will be the key to this.

My last bit of advice today to create business habits that serve you is to be patient. Let me ask you this question, how long have you been at your current job? Are you successful there, and if so, how long did it take you to achieve that success? Did you get your college degree? I know for a fact that getting a degree takes years of consistent effort and study. What I’m trying to say is, while you do want to envision yourself achieving success, don’t expect it to happen overnight. Continuously take action, which will create business habits that will empower you to reach your goals and dominate your business.

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