Ever Been Asked Does Multi Level Marketing Work?

Have you ever been asked the question, “Does multi level marketing work“? It’s a common question if you’re doing any decent amount of prospecting. So, what do you say when asked? Do you have a snappy comeback, or possibly fumble over your words for a good answer? Let’s explore the root of the question, where it comes from, and how to answer it when it comes up.

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Does Multi Level Marketing Work?

So, you’re out meeting new people, expanding your circle of influence and prospecting for your network marketing business, and then it happens. You get the question, and to be honest, it isn’t totally unexpected. They listen to your presentation, and then ask, “But does multi level marketing work?”. You look at the person, and the possible answers swirl around your head. Do you try to convince? Do you try to cut them at the knees with a touch of sarcasm? Or do you just try to sooth their concerns? It’s a complicated position to be in for such a simple question….or is it?

I feel that the question isn’t really what they want to ask. The person is actually looking for you to validate their potential decision, so I answer their question with, you guessed it, another question. I’d like to share a story with you from an experience I just had recently when a potential partner asked me, does multi level marketing work?

So I’m having an interesting conversation with a fellow parent at one of my kids soccer practices. We’re talking about kids, and dogs, and what the latest fashion in Halloween costumes will be this October 31st. Inevitably, the “So what do you do” question comes up. I say, “I work from home, how about you?”, attempting to put the focus back on him. He tells me that he works for a software company, all about the long hours, the bosses that are ruining the place, and how much he hates his commute. So far, so good. I keep asking questions, and he continues to tell me how he wanted to actually be a professional rodeo cowboy, but he had to pay the bills somehow. Long story short, he’s interested in what I do, he watches a presentation online, I follow up, and then he let’s me have it. So, it looks interesting, but does multi level marketing work, you know, does it really work?

Super Secret Answer To Does Multi Level Marketing Work

So here I am, at a crossroads. Does multi level marketing work? I’ve been here enough times to know how to handle this. I know that a prospect is only looking to assuage their fears, and get validation for a decision they want to make, but their own insecurities stop them. I now ask this to those folks who pose this question to me, “Have you ever had strep throat before?”. Then I’ll ask, if they took medication, did it help, why did it help, and why did they decide to take it? The basic idea is, the doctor gave them a prescription to take the antibiotics that would help them feel better, and if they didn’t bother to take the pill out of the bottle, then the medication wouldn’t work for them, since they didn’t do what the doctor instructed them to do.

It works the exact same way with your network marketing business. Does multi level marketing work? Well, will you work, and follow the prescription help you succeed that your upline, sponsor, mentor, or company training lay out for you? If you do, then you will succeed. If you don’t, then you’ll be in the same spot you were in when you started, and find yourself asking, does multi level marketing work?

So will you work? Will you put in the effort that is required to change your life? Will you do what most people won’t because they’re to busy asking the wrong questions? In the end, your success is completely in your hands! Does multi level marketing work? Of course it does, as long as you work it!

If you had anything to add to this topic, or would like to share your response to the question, does multi level marketing work, please leave a comment below. Remember to share this post and video with your team, and on your social media sites. Keep succeeding, keep achieving, and keep moving forward. Step into your greatness now!

Success Is a Choice!








Scott Carrell




  1. Jaye Carden

    Like you said Scott, it may seem like common sense, but do people really get it? Everyone knows they must work to achieve success, but they don’t in some cases and wonder why “it” didn’t work. Good message for the day!

  2. Will Thomson

    There are 2 definitions and a principle of what we are in and what make the right company work for the average Jo.

  3. George Lugo Jr

    Hey Scott,
    I love this video. You hit it home with the example of the doctor and most are not willing to follow what works. Most don’t want to put in the work to make it work.
    Great video


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