Effective Communication Skills For Your Network Marketing Success

Do you have effective communication skills? Whatever your skill level, there’s always room to improve. I got to learn from Doug Firebaugh, who is an absolute machine in the home business space, about his 3 foundational communication principles. Check these out.

effective communication skillsSo the first foundational principle in Doug’s list to getting more effective communication skills is personal communication. This is when two individuals are connecting. Whether it’s talking face to face, chatting on the phone, sending an email, or even messaging on social media, it all falls under personal communication. We all engage in this every single day.This is the most common method of interacting with others.

The second method on the list is communication by processes. This style of communication is usually seen in business via systems. It is also how government communicates with society by way of laws and other methods of maintaining social order. Effective communication skills in business are built this way since business is usually a system of processes. If you’re promoting a network marketing company, then you should be very familiar with the concept of system. The system is the way to move people through the, prospecting and recruiting, getting started, training, and duplicating phases of your business. Without these processes, your business would look a bit disorganized. Hopefully they keep you on the right track and moving forward to the success you deserve.

Check out the video that gives you a bit more of these effective communication skills principles

The final foundational principle is called pouring. Now when I first heard this, I immediately though of a large, glass bottle pouring out a cold beverage into a tall, frosty glass. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? Well this is actually the most important key to developing effective communication skills. Pouring is when you actually take the time to serve someone, and make an impact in their lives. It could be a business tip, or a relationship component, but the idea is to pour, or give some of yourself to the person you’re communicating with. How would you like to affect someone in that manner? Exciting thought I’d say!

The fact is, you could have an amazing looking capture page, the coolest video graphics, or really snappy pay per click ads, but if you fail to develop effective communication skills, and speak into your audience, then it’s all for nothing. Communication is everything. Always keep that in the front of your mind when creating your content, sales pages, and speaking with another live human being. Make a point to impact, serve, elevate, edify, and encourage those people who would hear your message. These are attractive qualities to build upon, and will serve YOU well in the long run.

I want to let you know that I appreciate your support as a member of this community. Keep working to achieve your dreams. I believe in you and your greatness. If you found this training post on effective communication skills to be valuable, please share it with your friends, team, and email list. I’d be happy to answer any questions you post below. Keep rocking!

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  1. Jaye Carden

    The 3 types of communication was awesome. I am familiar with Doug Firebaugh and he did a great job on communication skills a few weeks ago on the trainings you offer at the top of this page! Great stuff Scott, makes great sense!


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