Why You Need a Home Business Blog

The title kind of sets up the main point here, but I’ll ask the question to get it out of the way. Why do you need a home business blog? There are a couple of key reasons why, and you must know them right now in order to keep a slight edge over your competition, so read on my friends.

Home Business BlogAs entrepreneurs, it is vital to have a home base. A place where your audience can find you, get to know you, and devour your content. That place is your home business blog. Your home business blog is your home base, your hub! It’s really the only place in internet land where you truly have control over the material you post. So let’s dive in to these primary reasons, shall we?

First and foremost, as I eluded to, your blog is your hub. The main factor in promoting your home business blog as the place where you put down roots, is because everything you set out to accomplish in your business, can be done from your blog. It’s where you will post your content, your training, feature offers, place banners and ads, hold webinars, and host capture pages. It’s the one place where your audience will tune in on a daily basis, to see what you’re doing, and how you could help them. It’s where you get out your message and sing your song.

So right now, you might be saying that you don’t like to write, or what on earth would you ever say, or why would people want to even read my blog? All valid concerns for sure. There are ways to address all of these concerns to make it easier for you to get your home business blog up and running. Before I jump into those, check this out for a good reason first. Now, most people utilize Facebook or You Tube to promote and market their business. They’re two examples of amazing, powerful social media sites. I personally use both of them in my marketing as well, however there is one major problem with relying on them as your home business blog. As awesome as they are, your name ain’t Mark Zuckerburg. You don’t own your Facebook page, and are subject to the fickle ways of the powers that be. Come on, we all know someone who’s been shut down, or put in Facebook jail. Same goes for You Tube! The nice people over at Google control all things video, and seem to have a habit of slapping folks who promote home business related content, the most recent being this past summer.

Why You Must Have a Home Business Blog, and Some Steps To Get You Rolling

That simply isn’t the case on your own home business blog. As long as you pay your hosting fees, your blog is going to be up and running, and ready for you to add more content and training to serve your peeps. Here you’ll develop a know, like, trust relationship through posts and video, and other cool marketing training. It’s yours, and as long as you maintain it with fresh, valuable content, then your audience will keep coming back for more.

Share this info on why you should have a home business blog with the people you want to help. As a business owner, making an impact on as many people as possible is part of the plan, so remember to like, comment, and share.



  1. George Lugo Jr

    Hey Scott,
    I love what you said here. So important, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter is not owned by the content creator but a Blog is theirs. So powerful.

  2. Jaye Carden

    Hey Scott, very important message here man! We need to own our own stuff so we can make our own rules! Nothing is worse than a free site changing it’s rules and crushing your marketing strategies!


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