Does Hype Marketing Hurt Your Home Business

We’ve all seen it before, right? Level 10 hype marketing on social media, in your email inbox, and even in person. Everyone seems to have the best product, biggest compensation payouts, or promises the fastest path to wealth and riches. Is this type of marketing beneficial to your home business, or does it keep the industry in the “Oh, you’re doing one of those things” zone?

Hype MarketingAs marketers, obviously we all want to create an interest or buzz around the product or program that we’re marketing. At what point does buzz cross the line to obnoxious hype marketing that makes people want to unfriend you on Facebook, or click off of your ad. There’s a few things I’ve noticed that you may have seen, or may be doing. So the first hype marketing ploy that casts a black cloud over our profession is to claim that your product is the best thing since the invention of the wheel. Now, don’t get me wrong, confidence in what you’re promoting is great, but best EVER? Combine that with saying negative things about competing products or programs, and you have the ingredients for super hype marketing that will inevitably come back to bite you. Be proud of your company, products, or program, however lets be realistic in how we position it, and never speak poorly about a competitor. This ultimately makes you look weak.

Another hype marketing ploy that seems to stick around like a bad cold in the middle of winter is the practice of posting images of cash on social media. Admittedly, we’re all in business to make a living. However, posting these pictures of stacks of hundreds attract the wrong type of person to this space. Ask yourself if you’d rather have overnight success seekers, or business partners that see a long term vision and are ready to work for their success, even if it doesn’t happen in the next 4 days. I’m pretty sure you want to attract the second grouping of entrepreneurs. Keep in mind your own reasons for wanting to start a home business. Was it so you could pose in front of a rental Corvette, and show pictures of your fanned out cash? Be yourself. Move forward with integrity. Share your struggles because it enables your audience to relate to you, and that in turn will empower them. Attract the right types of people to your business.

Hype Marketing…Bad For Your Home Business? Watch this now!

Please understand that it’s great to have a cool car and a nice house, if that’s what you want. To over exaggerate your results, make outrageous claims regarding income or product results, and trying to manipulate folks to join or buy just for the quick sale will be detrimental long term to your business, your brand, as well as the home business profession as a whole. Hype marketing is never going to be a long term solution for longevity in your business.

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  1. Jaye Carden

    I must agree that the hype is not what people want to hear…mostly. It’s old, and we know there is always some kind of catch to it. Just tell us what to expect and show us how to do it! Great post Scott! Again!

  2. George Lugo Jr

    Hey Scott,
    Get post here about this subject. Everybody inside of network marketing needs to see this especially if you are brand new.


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