Instagram Secrets That Will Boost Your Engagement and Business

Have you ever heard of this new little social media site called Instagram yet? Well if not then you’ve probably been living in a cave. How about a few Instagram Secrets to get your engagement and business running like clock work on the new kid on the block of online lead generation? Here we go.

Instagram SecretsSo before we get tot the Instagram secrets, you’re going to want to hear this first. The stats on Instagram are absolutely staggering. According to my friend April Marie Tucker, who I 100% credit learning these Instagram secrets from, Instagram posts get 58 times more engagement than posts on Facebook, and 120 times more engagement than posts on Twitter! When I read those, they blew my mind. It just goes to show the power that this network could have if leveraged properly. You can also sync your Insta posts with your other social media networks, which will increase your visibility as well. Cool beans!

So, let’s get into a few of these simple Instagram secrets for you to put into action today. So the first morsel for you to chew on is to understand that Instagram users aren’t out there waiting for you to pitch them on your deal. Remember, it’s pictures and images that people are posting. Now take a second to ponder what attracts to a pic you find posted online. I’m willing to bet it isn’t a wad of cash or some dude standing in front of a mansion. Post things of value like quotes and sayings, or inspirational images. Be engaging. This will increase your following, and in turn, attract targeted leads like crazy.

Instagram Secrets That The Guru’s Want You To Go Without

Next on our list of not so secret Instagram secrets, is to be reciprocal. Be a part of the conversation. Comment on other peoples stuff, and comment back when they comment on yours. Again, the big theme here is to be social. It’s called social media for a reason. Everyone wants to feel significant, so be sure to respond when people take the time to leave a remark about whatever you’re posting.

Instagram secrets #3 is actually not so obvious. We all saw the hash tag phenomenon take hold over the recent past on several social networks. How many is too many? How many is enough. Always lean towards the side of not going insane with hash tags. Like the old saying goes, less is more. Keep it in the 5 – 10 range per post. Anything more is overkill, and paints you in a “less than professional” light.

The final Instagram secrets that I’ll leave you with today is to be sure to post a mix of both lifestyle and business pictures. Let people get a chance to take a glimpse into your life and get to know you a little bit. This is very attractive compared to the constant barrage of biz opp pitch images that are all to common. Dare to be a little different, and be yourself. Post silly pics, fun pics, family pics, motivational pics, and of course mix in the peek into your business every now and again. Think of it in terms of dating. If you ever went out to a party, and met someone who you thought was attractive, would you club them over the head with a sales pitch on the benefits of being with you, and a screen shot of your bank account? How ridonkulous does that sound? If you’re not sure, then take my word for it. It’s of the charts weird and creepy. No, you would probably want to say something funny, and get the person to laugh, or maybe you’d show pictures that would make them say awww. You would engage in attractive behavior, because the opposite will just repel people from you. Take the same approach on Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed these Instagram secrets, and apply them in your efforts to build your following, get more leads, and enhance your business by using Instagram. If you found value in this blog post, then please remember to share it with your friends, team, and list. Leave a comment also in the space below with any questions.

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