Internet Traffic. Paid Vs Free

Traffic and leads. Leads and traffic. It seems to be what most marketers focus on the most. Having fresh leads is the lifeblood of your business, and you obviously need traffic to get them. So which internet traffic is going to be the best, free or paid?

Let’s begin with talking about free internet traffic. There are numerous ways to generate traffic and leads for free online. Some popular examples of platforms you can use to generate this type of traffic are YouTube, Facebook prospecting or fan pages, Instagram, article marketing, Craigslist, SEO, and blogging. The idea with free traffic is, you put valuable content into the market place, and over time, interested people will see this, and be directed to your website to either subscribe, buy your products, or join your program. Free traffic strategies are fantastic for marketers who have time to devote to their marketing, but haven’t yet developed a big enough advertising budget to put into paid traffic strategies. One of the cool facets of free traffic is that they are usually helpful in the personal branding process, which could create a long term relationship with your prospects.

Internet Marketing Strategies – Paid Vs Free

Now let’s move to look at paid internet traffic. Paid internet traffic is when you actually use a paid strategy to drive traffic to your website or capture page. This type of traffic usually comes faster than the traffic from the free strategies. Pay per click and solo ads are probably the top two methods in this category of traffic generation. Pay per click can be done on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google AdWords. Pay per click is basically when you place an ad on a platform, and pay a predetermined fee every time somebody clicks on your ad or offer. Solo ads are simply the ability for you to buy a number of clicks that a vendor will promise, when they send out your ad to their own list. These are great ways to drive quick, responsive internet traffic. This is an expeditious way to get traffic quickly if you’re already in a position to have an existing ad budget.

Internet TrafficGetting internet traffic is one of the hardest things to do when starting out, but once you learn a marketing strategy, it’s actually pretty easy to do. It’s just a matter of putting in the work. As far as which method is better, well the answer depends wholly on your goals, budget, and time available to invest into your business. They both are fantastic, could give you targeted traffic, red hot leads, and help you earn a boatload of income in your business online.

Hopefully by now you understand the difference between these two types of internet traffic, and have a better handle on some ideas to generate it. There will always be a learning curve to mastering these internet traffic generation strategies, so just know that it does take effort to become proficient just like any other skill. If you found value in this post and video then please share it with your social media connections. Questions and comments are always welcomed, so leave them in the comment section below.

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Scott Carrell

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  1. Steve Stark

    Paid traffic certainly gives you that instant response but you still have to put something compelling in front of that paid traffic. Free traffic always gives me a sense of accomplishment and really fires me up when I can generate leads without spending money. All that said I use a mixture of both and certainly see the benefits of both methods. Thanks for the info Scott!

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Hi Steve. I also use a mixture of both. I think that both are excellent for different reasons.

  2. Jaye Carden

    What I like most about free traffic is not just the higher profit, but usually it leads to a longer flowing stream of traffic. Like a blog is around forever. Paid traffic gets you much faster results, but once you stop paying it stops coming. So like you say….it’s up to what you are needing and looking for. Thanks Scott!

  3. George Lugo Jr

    Hey Scott,
    Great advice for everyone that wants to know where to put their focus. Paid or FREE. You are right, there is a learning curve but once you understand Paid traffic, FREE becomes obsolete. Great tips


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