Lessons To Live The Dream For Your Life and Business

This past weekend was My Lead System Pro’s Live The Dream 5 event. It was in Austin, Texas and was quite the spectacle. If you missed it, then let me share with you what you missed, and why getting to Live The Dream 6 should be on your to do list.

Live The DreamSo Live The Dream is a marketing conference for home business entrepreneurs. It’s organized by the amazing people at  My Lead System Pro, who are committed to helping you build and thrive in your business. There are folks from all different corners of the home business space. Network marketers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, as well as some traditional business owners who are creating a stronger online presence. Like other events of this type, there is a ton of valuable content, information, and secret strategies and tips of marketing are shared. It’s simply a one of a kind event that you MUST be sure to go to.

Live The Dream 5, show cased the latest Facebook marketing blueprint, the underground keys to creating and profiting from your audience with You Tube video’s, and how a few free, high impact tasks could make you a bundle by leveraging Instagram to generate leads for your business. As I see it these are the mechanics of the marketing industry.

It’s these mechanical skills, while important, tend not to be the reason you will achieve the success you pine for. It’s the intangible factors, when applied to those marketing methods and strategies, that will take your business to the next level and beyond, and that is the biggest thing I took from Live The Dream this year. So let me tell you what I’m talking about.

I got a chance to see Dough Firebaugh teach how communication is at the core of every single thing we do, and that business is a system of communication based on processes. You may have the prettiest capture page, or really cool video graphics, however you must be using effective communication, and pour into people in order for them to receive your message.

Home business legend Ray Higdon spoke about focusing beyond recognition, and on growth and contribution. He also re-emphasized his I.L.T. method, which you’ll get to learn more about next week.

One of the most profound moments of the entire Live The Dream event is when Diane Hochman directed us to ask, “Who are you and what do you stand for?”.  How’s that for a life defining question? Do you have this answered in your own mind? So who are you and what do YOU stand for?

Now typically, I don’t use buzz phrase like no brainer and game changer, but these lessons are absolutely life changing for you, your life, your relationships, and your business. Apply these consistently, and you will begin to Live The Dream in whatever context that means to you.

If you found value in this post, share it with your friends, your team, your partners, and on your social media channels. As always, please drop a comment or question below. I truly want to help you, serve you, and make an impact in your life.

Until next time….

Success Is a Choice!






Scott Carrell

Scott Carrell Online

PS…Watch This Now and transform your business and your life. Live The Dream you were meant to. You deserve to have incredible success




  1. Jaye Carden

    I will be there at LTD6 so we can surely hang out! I am also excited about what MLSP is bringing to town and looking forward to it! Great stuff Scott!

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Thanks Jaye. I know I’m looking forward already to Live The Dream 6. Got my ticket. See you there!


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