The Worst MLM Sponsor In The World

Is your MLM Sponsor really vital to your ultimate success in your home business? Do you need a super hero for a sponsor? Is sponsor shopping a valid activity, or w waste of time? Some say yes, and some say no. I see merit in both sides of the argument, however, here’s my take on it, and I think I’m pretty spot on.

MLM SponsorSo, your mlm sponsor could be seen as the greatest thing since the invention of the toaster, or the pariah that’s been holding you back from achieving all you were meant to do in this life. I know, those are pretty extreme points of view. It’s funny though that this is how much emphasis I’ve seen placed on finding the right mlm sponsor from different factions of marketers within the home business industry. So which is it? Does having the right sponsor all but ensure your¬†ascension into network marketing stardom? OR could you still get there with a downright horrible sponsor?

I’ll certainly admit that there is something to having an mlm sponsor that is a dynamic leader, mentor, and trainer. Someone that inspires, and walks the walk. The simple fact of the matter is, most people aren’t so lucky. Your run of the mill, get started in network marketing sort of person is sponsored by their Uncle Steve, their next door neighbor, or someone like that. Usually, there isn’t the blessing of having a full time, rock star marketer sign you up, train you, and lead you to the promised land of mlm success.

This actually leads me to my ultimate point. Most people, are just regular folks, like you and I, looking for a better way to provide for our families. The difference maker in these situations is ALWAYS going to be you. Yes, YOU! For everyone that says an active mlm sponsor provides you with spillover, and put’s new reps in your “power leg”, I’d remind you that unless you decide to take action and build your own business, none of that matters in the least.

Does It Matter If Your MLM Sponsor Is Sucky or Not?

Sure, having an mlm sponsor that could show you the ropes, provide great training and leadership, and help you move forward are a plus. However, if you don’t have that scenario, it’s definitely not the nail in your business coffin that it’s sometimes cracked up to be. If you truly want to have a person like that in your business, then do yourself the biggest favor in the world, and become that person. Become the inspiring leader with the dynamic work ethic that others will look for in an mlm sponsor. This way, you will empower yourself to write your own ticket, and hit the leader boards through your own hard work. Be the mlm sponsor you’re looking for. Your business will thank you for it.

You are the mlm sponsor you’re searching for! You are the only one who could make the ultimate decision to be the biggest difference in your business. You take the action. You make the phone calls, invite prospects to and show the presentations.

If you think this post could help someone, please share it. I’d also love to hear your take on whether an mlm sponsor has a major impact on your biz or not, so leave your questions and comments below. ¬†As always, I appreciate you, and wish you immense success. Go take it!

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  1. Jaye Carden

    My sponsor actually quit a few months after I began in my first MLM experience. Didn’t effect me at all. I was doing my own ideas and going my own way regardless, so it didn’t matter. I agree with the fact your sponsor isn’t the one for your own failure, but it can help if you are willing to learn and put into action what the sponsor teaches. To each is his own I guess, but I agree with you Scott!

  2. George A Lugo Jr

    Hey Scott,
    WOW! Scott you hit the nail on the head! Your sponsor is Not responsible for the success of the downline. That’s huge! Everyone needs to hear this message


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