Two Network Marketing Recruiting Tips That Are Warm Market Friendly

Ever try to make people see what they’re missing  when they say no to your mlm opportunity? I think everyone who’s joined a network marketing company has at some point in their career. Well here are two network marketing recruiting tips to help you keep your friends, and your sanity.

network marketing recruiting tipsSo before I roll out these two network marketing recruiting tips, tell me if you’ve ever heard these statements from a sponsor or leader in your company. The first one is, “If they say no, just tell them that you’ll give them a call back in  30-60 days to check in and let them know how you’re doing.”? How about, “Well if they say no or give you an objection, just start to tell them about the comp plan (actually add in any feature you’d like here) and that should get their attention.”? There’s a ton of them. My issue with statements like these is that they’re based on convincing people to join your deal. Now, I’m certainly not saying that you don’t want to develop your communication skills. You absolutely do. You want to learn how to lead a conversation by asking questions though, which will lead your prospect to make an intelligent, informed decision that is best for them.

Two Huge Network Marketing Recruiting Tips So Your Friends Don’t Disown You

So now on to the first of our two network marketing recruiting tips. The first tip is simply to be direct. I’ve personally heard leaders instruct their teams to engage in a period of small talk to soften the person up first, and then hit them with an “Oh by the way” pitch towards the end of the conversation. I’m not a fan of this method at all. My approach is to first say hello, ask if they’ve got a few minutes, ask how they’ve been, and then ask if they’re even open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what they have going on. Like I said, nice and direct. I don’t want to end a conversation with someone, especially who’s in my warm market, with the possibility of them thinking that I called to butter them up just to pitch them my biz opp. People will respect you being direct. It respects them, their time, and their intelligence. I’m looking to find people who are open to your business, and who may be looking for a better way. The people meant to hear my invitation will, and the chat will progress from there. This is one of the best network marketing recruiting tips I was ever taught, and I wanted to share it with you.

The second of these two network marketing recruiting tips is going to sound a bit on the obvious side, however it must be pointed out. When somebody tells you that they’re not interested then your job  from that point on is not to try to convince them otherwise. How do you feel when the salesman at the furniture store or the car lot continues to pursue you after you say that you’re not buying today? Sort of annoyed, right? Well that’s the same way your prospect will feel if keep on pressing after they’ve said no. Now like I mentioned before, asking open ended questions, getting clarification on responses, and digging a little deeper as you gauge their interest is all fine as far as I’m concerned. What I mean here is once they’ve given a firm no. Once this happens, your response should be something along the lines of, “No problem. I just thought of you when I saw this. So anyway, are we still getting the kids together to play at the park this weekend?”. Simply move on and let it go. These are not specific recruiting techniques, but are two of the most impactful network marketing recruiting tips that I could ever pass on to you.

If you dug these network marketing recruiting tips, and know that they could help someone else, please share this post and video. As always, leave your questions and comments below. I’d love to hear which part of this post you liked best, or what your favorite network marketing recruiting tips are. Keep on rocking your business.

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  1. Jaye Carden

    Well said Scott. I still have people calling me with the hidden agenda as I call it. This reflects back to the time you cold called me…remember this? You were straight to the point, in a non-sales way, and made it sound inviting, so that’s why I moved forward with you in the most awesome system on the planet! Great stuff Scott! Look forward to more!

  2. George Lugo Jr

    Hey Scott,
    I love what you said that most people do to squeeze in a pitch. I love step two how it shows you don’t need them. No Big Deal!
    Love it! Great Value!


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