Network Marketing Strategies For Buddhists and Daoists

Do you breathe? You know…inhale, exhale, and all that good stuff? Well of course you do. If you didn’t, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Well, as a lifelong martial artist, I’d like to show you some network marketing strategies that relate to two Chinese philosophies, and how they breathe could be the difference in your success in your network marketing business.

Network Marketing StrategiesSo, first and foremost, let me answer the obvious question. What does how a few asian dudes breathe have to do with my business, and how is it at all connected to any network marketing strategies? Well, the deal is this. There are two basic ways to breathe in martial arts to manifest energy and power. There is Buddhist breathing, also called normal or regular abdominal breathing. Then there is Daoist breathing, also called reverse abdominal breathing. The different breathing methods produce different results, and rate of progression in achieving martial arts power. It’s similar in how you approach your business with any network marketing strategies you employ.

Let’s chat about the Buddhist network marketing strategies first. So Buddhist breathing is very relaxed and natural. The ideology is pretty much, whatever happens happens. There’s a let nature take it’s course sort of feel to it. Practitioners will develop power and skill slowly and steadily, but are not really going after it, so to speak. There are some marketers who are usually newer who live by this strategy. Yes, they’re on the conference calls, at the meetings and conventions, but are waiting for “it” to happen. They know that they want to have freedom and success, however possibly haven’t had access to valuable training. Whatever the reason, these folks are waiting for the business to come to them, which doesn’t always result in ┬áthe outcome that we hope.

Now onto the Daoist network marketing strategies, um, I mean breathing strategies. Daoist breathing uses a reverse method that leverages a physical change to create and manifest ferocious power within the body. It has the potential to skyrocket a practitioners muscular strength and martial arts capability. This is also relevant in your business. Do you actively prospect? Are you expanding your warm market and circle of influence every single day? The Daoist approach to network marketing strategies is to go make it happen!

Buddhist and Daoist Network Marketing Strategies That Will Take Your Breath Away

These network marketing strategies boil down to two primary principles. Active marketing Vs passive marketing. Will you proactively build your business, or will you just wait for it to happen for you? Allow me to let you in on a little secret, you must go out and get the business. If you put proactive network marketing strategies into action, you’ll get faster results. Sure you’ll probably encounter a few no’s along the way, but it’s better than sitting on the couch waiting for the tooth fairy to sprinkle magic team building dust on you. Yes, sarcasm, but it’s how I roll.

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