3 Productive Things To Do Online For Your Home Business Success

Are you struggling to get your business moving forward online? Are you stuck in the “what should I do” zone? Here are 3 productive things to do online to get you closer to having success in your home business online.

productive things to do onlineThe first of this list of productive things to do online is to expand your circle of influence. A great way to do this is to simply meet 5 – 10 new people on social media each day. Find people in groups and on pages, that have similar interests as you, and just say hi. Become interested in what they do, the pictures they post, and the interests you share. Now notice that I didn’t say to prospect those people, or send them your link. Begin to develop a relationship with your new acquaintances. Just get to know them. Eventually some of these new friends may do business with you. Another neat thing is to watch for times when they post a challenge they’re having. This could be a good opportunity to invite them to subscribe to your email newsletter list.

Next on the list of productive things to do online is to place an ad. Placing an advertisement is a great way to get your offer in front of your market, build your brand, build your subscriber list, and make sales. You can create a Craigslist ad, Pay Per Click on Facebook, Twitter, or AdWords, or do a solo ad. These are great platforms to get your message out and get your products and programs out there in the public eye. Know that these methods will require fee, except Craigslist, but with paid traffic I’ve found that I see a much quicker return getting leads and sales because it is targeted to your niche’ and offer. Also the simple truth is, advertising is going to give you a wider reach to the target audience you’re trying to appeal to. Do yourself a favor, and learn one of these incredibly powerful marketing strategies so you can use it to your benefit. It’s definitely one of the more productive things to do online for your business.

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The last item on this list of productive things to do online is to create valuable content. Write a blog post or an article, or shoot a video. Creating valuable content positions you as an authority or go to person in your niche’, and also constructs an online library of training material to serve your audience. If you’re everywhere online, and you’re giving content that is valuable to the viewer, then the people who benefit from this content will subscribe, join, and buy now from you. So now you’re probably wondering what write about? I’m sure you’ve been to company or industry events and conventions. From these events, you must have pages full of notes in your office. Take these notes, apply what you’ve written down in your own business, share your results, and teach other people to do the same thing so they could succeed just like you did. Do this, and you’ll be building your brand, your authority, your list, and ultimately your bank account. Sounds like an awesome plan if I do say so myself. Follow these productive things to do online, and you’re business will be rolling forward with momentum.

I hope you got value from this post. If you did, please share it on your social media spaces, and leave any comments or questions below. These 3 productive things to do online will help your business grow by leaps and bounds if you just apply, rinse and repeat!

Catch you next time.

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Scott Carrell



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  1. Jaye Carden

    Good 3 tips Scott! I was just looking early at some prices on running some solo ads, thought it was funny you brought that up. Enjoyed it, look forward to the next time!


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