Cool Sales Funnel Tips – Use a Thank You Page

Just put up a capture page, and you’ll have subscribers come flooding in they said. All you have to do is make a website and the sales will just happen like crazy they told me. How about you? Were you told how easy it was going to be? Well I’m here to tell you that there’s a few other things that go into your websites and capture pages, so I wanted to share one of the neat sales funnel tips I learned with you.

sales funnel tipsNow obviously, you’re going to need a capture page. Then you’re going to require a method for potential prospects to find you on the vast information super highway. Yup, you need traffic. So assuming you have traffic, a compelling offer, ad, or capture page, then what. Ideally, your prospect clicks on your stuff, gets added to your list, and buys everything you market. Let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen. However, you can do a few things within your funnels to increase your conversions from one stage to the next. The one little gem I’m going to share with you is to add a thank you page to your funnel. This is one of the sales funnel tips that will make a difference in the eyes of your prospect in a couple of ways.

So why a thank you page? First, let me tell you where it goes. The thank you page, also called a welcome page, is the page that people will be directed to immediately after entering their information on your capture page. Now, here’s where our sales funnel tips come in. Your thank you page is super important to brand you, instead of some inanimate product or service. Once someone opts in on your capture page, you want them to be brought to a place where you could leave a 60 second video that introduces you, positions you as the go to person in the industry, and tells them what to do and expect next. If there isn’t something like that and your page goes right to a replicated sales page, then there’s no emotional connection to a live person who they were drawn to in either the ad, or on the capture page, and then they’ll just click off and go on to the next internet shiny object.

Online Sales Funnel Tips – Are You Using a Thank You Page

So here’s a bonus for your sales funnel tips, that goes hand in hand with the concept of the thank you pages is ensuring that everything in your funnel from ad to the capture page, thank you page, and sales and upsell pages are congruent. They must be congruent in message, copy, offer, and everything else in between. If your prospect sees in your initial ad that you’re selling lawn mowers, but then go to the next page they see shovels and pick axes, then obviously, there’s a lapse in the message. See how that may make someone click off and carry on elsewhere? Stay congruent my friends!

So, there’s two sales funnel tips that could really increase your rate of success through branding yourself and being congruent throughout your entire funnel process. Let me know how these sales funnel tips work out for you. They may seem elementary, however it’s amazing how overlooked they actually are. Remember to share this post with people who you believe it will help, your team, and on on your social media channels. Also leave a comment below with any questions or general remarks about the article. Thanks for your continued support!

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